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Sunbrella® Awning and Shade Fabrics

Innovative Shade Solutions for Commercial Projects



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Beautiful extensions to commercial spaces

Sunbrella offers an extensive selection of beautiful, high-performance shade fabrics for awnings, canopies and pergolas.

With several highly durable collections available, including our new inherently fire-retardant Sunbrella Exceed™ FR, you can meet the needs of the most demanding commercial projects without compromising style.

  1. Skin Cancer FoundationThe Skin Cancer Foundation recommends shade fabrics in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.
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Sunbrella offers an extensive selection of Sunbrella shade and awning fabrics in an array of colors, patterns and textures. There's truly a style solution for every design project. So, make a statement and enhance outdoor spaces with custom shade sails, awnings canopies and more.

Sunbrella® Shade

Our Sunbrella Shade Collection includes a wide range of colorways, patterns and textures. Our shade fabrics deliver lasting protection, water repellency, UV fade resistance, easy care + bleach cleanability and more.

New! Sunbrella® Exceed™ FR

Delivering the look and feel of Sunbrella shade fabrics, Exceed FR is an inherently fire-retardant fabric that provides built-in flame resistance and fire retardancy at the fiber level. Self-extinguishing Exceed FR provides lasting protection that meets all relevant FR codes and more.

Sunbrella SeaMark®

Defend against extreme precipitation and moisture with Sunbrella SeaMark fabric. Engineered with durable Sunbrella fabric and 100% impervious waterproof backing.

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  • Weather Resistant
  • UV & Fade Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Stain & Water Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Color & Design Variety
5 Year Limited Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty

Sunbrella fabrics are a promise of quality, comfort and peace of mind. We value making fabrics with complete performance that stand up to everyday life. That’s why we are confident in standing behind every fabric with comprehensive warranties, including a 10-year limited warranty for shade fabrics and a 5-year limited warranty for SeaMark® fabrics.

Awning and Shade

Awning and Shade
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17 Products

  1. Sunbrella Shade Beaufort Black/White 6 Bar (5704-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 5704-0000
  2. Sunbrella Shade Beaufort Captain Navy (4708-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4708-0000
  3. Sunbrella Shade Beaufort Cloud (4752-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4752-0000
  4. Sunbrella Shade Beaufort Mushroom (4753-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4753-0000
  5. Sunbrella Shade Beaufort Yellow/White 6 Bar (5702-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 5702-0000
  6. Sunbrella Shade Captain Navy/Natural Classic (4902-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4902-0000
  7. Sunbrella Shade Cooper Navy (4987-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4987-0000
  8. Sunbrella Shade Equate Cashmere (4709-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4709-0000
  9. Sunbrella Shade Fern Classic (4955-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4955-0000
  10. Sunbrella Shade Forest Green Fancy (4790-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4790-0000
  11. Sunbrella Shade Hogan Arctic (14612-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 14612-0000
  12. Sunbrella Shade Manhattan Fog (4876-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4876-0000
  13. Sunbrella Shade Navy/Taupe Fancy (4916-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4916-0000
  14. Sunbrella Shade Pacific Blue Fancy (4755-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4755-0000
  15. Sunbrella Shade Saxon Cascade (4884-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4884-0000
  16. Sunbrella Shade Taupe 5 Bar (4907-0000)

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4907-0000