Blue and green patterned fabrics in a pileBlue and green patterned fabrics in a pile

Linking Policy

We appreciate your business and support of Sunbrella® fabrics, and hope that providing information about our fabrics on the Sunbrella website will assist you in growing your business. Glen Raven, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the Sunbrella website and this linking policy at any time.

To establish a link to the Sunbrella website we require that you abide by the following:

  • You may link to the Sunbrella site from our logo, the trade name Sunbrella, a general phrase such as "For more information about Sunbrella fabrics, visit their website at" or a more specific phrase such as "Sunbrella Care and Cleaning." You may not use any other graphics to establish the link.

  • You are permitted to link to complete pages of the Sunbrella website, but are prohibited from linking to individual page elements such as Flash objects, images, blocks of text, etc.

  • You are prohibited from embedding your link to the Sunbrella website in a frame contained within your website. The link to the Sunbrella website must open in a full browser window.

  • Your web message must be clear in stating that your product(s) are made using Sunbrella fabrics not that your end product(s) is licensed by Sunbrella or Glen Raven, Inc.

  • The link in no way establishes a liability by Sunbrella or Glen Raven, Inc. to any written or implied warranty that you provide with your finished product.

  • The establishment of the link and the use of the Sunbrella website signify your acceptance of these requirements.

  • All information contained within this website is copyrighted by Glen Raven, Inc. Unauthorized use of this website is prohibited.