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Sunbrella® Awning and Shade Fabrics

Innovative Shade Solutions for Commercial Projects

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Where Hospitality Begins

Beautiful extensions to commercial spaces

Your hospitality begins with a 'welcome'. Make the best first impression with innovative shade solutions from Sunbrella. Our extensive range of colors and styles lets you create eye-catching awnings, shade sails and more. The architectural possibilities with Sunbrella shade fabrics show the world exactly who you are. Enhance your outdoor space with Sunbrella!

  • Skin Cancer FoundationThe Skin Cancer Foundation recommends certain Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.
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Sunbrella offers an extensive selection of Sunbrella shade and awning fabrics in an array of colors, patterns and textures. There’s truly a style solution for every design project. So, make a statement and enhance outdoor spaces with custom shade sails, awnings canopies and more.

The Sunbrella Shade Collection includes fabrics for distinctive shade constructs that require flexible material or complete water protection. Explore familiar solids, stripes and textures, as well as our new Pendleton® collaboration honoring the great American outdoors.


A material mix of PVC and standard acrylic yarn creates both a matte and shiny look that filters light and allows water to pass through. It is intended for structures where the need for an architectural aesthetic outweighs the need for complete protection from the elements.


A multi-toned design with stacked, vertical bars cognizant of their thru ways. Presented in light and dark hues, the simplicity of Avenues is resonant with road schemes.


Features a high-tech metallic look and incorporates bicolor yarns to create a dimensional crosshatching effect.


Nebula is inspired by the ancient Japanese tie-dyeing art, Shibori, bringing the beauty of this craft to shade applications. It features a muted color scheme and an abstract motif evocative of the natural inconsistency of handmade materials.


This new Pendleton collection by Sunbrella honors the heritage of America’s great outdoors–from the Grand Canyon to the Pacific Northwest. Colors and variations of the original striped theme have been adapted to reflect distinguishing characteristics of each landmark.


Unity is the first recycled Sunbrella shade fabric. Crafted for shade applications where subtle texture and distinctive detail creates a timeless charm, Unity is ideal for decorative shade. Due to the nature of recycled content, Sunbrella Unity fabrics may exhibit significant color variation. Unity is made using 100% Sunbrella® acrylic (50% recycled Sunbrella).

Sunbrella Seamark®

Defend against extreme precipitation and moisture with Sunbrella SeaMark fabric. Engineered with durable Sunbrella fabric and 100% impervious waterproof backing, SeaMark delivers strong performance without sacrificing style. Superior weather resistance also makes SeaMark the first choice for shade material in environments that see extreme weather, delivering ultimate protection against heavy rain, harsh sun rays, mold, mildew and other outdoor elements.

Sunbrella Contour

Contour gives way to imaginative design possibilities for crafting shade sails and other shade

structures. It’s a nondirectional, flexible fabric with a patented construction and a variety of color options to enhance any outdoor space. This rich, textured fabric has also been designed to filter light while allowing water to pass through, providing optimal light transmission and incredible protection from the elements in a knit fabric.


Firesist goes above and beyond meeting critical industry standards for fire retardant performance. This lightweight performance fabric is constructed with special coatings and finishes to protect against exposure, maximizing water, residue and sun resistance. Firesist’s deep, rich colorways deliver lasting appeal to any shade application.

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  • Weather Resistant
  • UV & Fade Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Stain & Water Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Color & Design Variety
5 Year Limited Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty

Sunbrella and Sunbrella Contract fabrics are promise of quality, comfort and peace of mind. We value making fabrics with complete performance that stand up to everyday life. That’s why we are confident in standing behind every fabric with comprehensive warranties, including a 5-year limited warranty for decorative shade fabrics and specialty fabrics, and a 10-year limited warranty for shade and marine fabrics.

Awning and Shade

Awning and Shade
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  1. Sunbrella Shade - Black/Taupe Fancy - 4946-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4946-0000
  2. Sunbrella Shade - Burgundy - 4631-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4631-0000
  3. Firesist - Burgundy - 82016-0000


    SKU 82016-0000
  4. Sunbrella Shade - Burgundy/Black/White - 4798-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4798-0000
  5. Sunbrella Shade - Buttercup - 4635-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4635-0000
  6. Sunbrella Shade - Cadet Grey - 4630-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4630-0000
  7. Sunbrella SeaMark - Cadet Grey - 2097-0063

    Sunbrella SeaMark

    SKU 2097-0063
  8. Sunbrella Shade - Capri - 4675-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4675-0000
  9. Sunbrella Shade - Captain Navy - 4646-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4646-0000
  10. Sunbrella SeaMark - Captain Navy - 2098-0063

    Sunbrella SeaMark

    SKU 2098-0063
  11. Sunbrella Shade - Captain Navy/Natural Classic - 4902-0000

    Sunbrella Shade

    SKU 4902-0000
  12. Firesist - Cedar - 82023-0000


    SKU 82023-0000
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49-60 of 216 Fabrics