Sunbrella contract fabrics in hospitality settingSunbrella contract fabrics in hospitality setting

Why Sunbrella® Contract Performance Fabrics

When you choose Sunbrella Contract fabrics, you are choosing trusted fabrics engineered for the most demanding spaces with the highest levels of performance and design.

Your clients are demanding uncompromising, worry-free fabrics to fit their needs. Sunbrella Contract meets the needs of commercial designers and contract partners as a trusted and versatile fabric. From the hotel lobby to the workplace, the hospital waiting room to the university lounge or retail storefront, Sunbrella Contract fabrics have the performance and design needed for every space and place.

What Is the Sunbrella Contract Fabric Difference?

Sunbrella Contract Complete Performance: Often imitated. Never duplicated. 

There are many products that have tried to imitate the performance Sunbrella Contract offers with a “good enough” performance fabric. However, none of these products offer the proprietary formulation, cutting edge innovations, and extensive styles and textures of Sunbrella Contract. Sunbrella Contract fabrics are the complete performance standard, with best-in-class strength, cleanability, color retention and comfort 

Strength that Lasts

Sunbrella Contract performance fabrics are engineered to last. Our fibers are mold and mildew resistant, stain and water resistant, and designed to stand all the tests of time. Regardless if you need fabric to stay strong in a high-traffic hotel lobby or for a commercial awning on a retail storefront, you can rest easy knowing Sunbrella Contract fabrics have strength that lasts. Sunbrella Contract fabrics meet the ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines for use in high-traffic public spaces, including High Abrasion (30,000 + double rubs Wyzenbeek method), Flammability, Wet Dry Crocking, Colorfastness to Light and Physical Properties (Pilling 3+, Breaking Strength, Seam Slippage).

Abrasion Resistant–High Traffic Mold & Mildew Resistant Weather Resistant
Nurse working on his computer in a lobby areaNurse working on his computer in a lobby area
Blue fabric on back of chairBlue fabric on back of chair


Sunbrella Contract performance fabrics are easy to clean–and bleach cleanable if needed–while maintaining the strength and integrity of the fabric. This makes it much easier to meet the hygienic needs and requirements of stricter environments, such as healthcare and hospitality. Many performance fabrics are simply regular fabrics with a protective surface finish. Complete performance does not rely on a finish which can wear off. Sunbrella Contract engineers performance into the core of each fiber, including stain-resistant technology.

Easy to Clean Stain and Water Resistant Bleach Cleanable
Easy to Clean Stain and Water Resistant Bleach Cleanable

Color Stability

Sunbrella Contract performance fabrics are made with solution-dyed acrylic. Our fibers are saturated with color and UV-stabilized pigments before they’re spun into yarn–meaning the pigment goes all the way through the fibers and the color stays true over time. This unique process makes Sunbrella Contract performance fabrics inherently fade resistant, UV protective and durable to the core; maintaining color and quality through wear or exposure to outdoor elements, as well as cleaning.

Fade Resistant UV Protection
Fade Resistant UV Protection
Green fabric chairs in bright lobby areaGreen fabric chairs in bright lobby area
Bench seat in grey and blue abstract patternBench seat in grey and blue abstract pattern

Comfort & Softness

With Sunbrella Contract performance fabrics, exceptional comfort and unmatched durability go hand in hand.  Our complete performance makes Sunbrella Contract fabrics tough enough for the outdoors, and soft and cozy for indoors. Sunbrella Contract  performance fabrics include many different weaves and surface textures, still meeting the overall intention: long-lasting softness and comfort. Our yarns have softness and durability woven into each fiber, which makes Sunbrella Contract performance fabrics perfect for creating comfortable spaces.

Award-Winning Design

You’re looking for high-quality, durable fabrics that come in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures for diverse projects and clients. Sunbrella Contract designers draw on a depth of expertise and a keen understanding of design trends to create fabrics that inspire and delight. We offer a range of performance fabrics from single-color weaves and complex jacquards to textures like chenille, boucle, tweed, knits and more. Sunbrella Contract’s wide selection of styles, colors and textures provides hundreds of choices for every palate, so anyone can bring their vision to life.

Care & Protection

We want you and your clients to have the best experience possible with our fabrics. Sunbrella Contract is here for you, delivering customer service and peace of mind long after the sale. Sunbrella offers reliable and consistent service from sales representatives who are available, resourceful and knowledgeable so you can focus on what’s important.

Additionally, most fabrics have been tested to achieve key safety certifications, like GREENGUARD Gold and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® to ensure our fabrics are not made with harmful substances.

Supply Chain Management

Sunbrella Contract controls its supply chain, so we can ensure the right quality every step of the way. Our Anderson manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management certified. In addition, more than 100 patterns in the Sunbrella Contract upholstery fabric line, including those fabrics with Defiance® treatment, have been independently certified by UL-Environment to meet the NSF/ANSI 336 standard, a multi-attribute sustainability standard for contract fabrics, achieving Facts Silver level requirements.

Greenguard logoGreenguard logo
Okeo-Tex logoOkeo-Tex logo
ISO Logo.ISO Logo.

Expert Architect & Design Team

Whether you need assistance sourcing upholstery fabric, connecting with the right fabricator to create an architectural shade structure, or have technical questions regarding Sunbrella Contract fabrics, our Architect & Design team is available to make your experience seamless. Just reach out to a member of our team and they’ll ensure you have everything you need to incorporate beautiful, high performance Sunbrella Contract fabrics into your next project. Connect with us today!

Our Guarantee

Sunbrella Contract fabrics have comprehensive warranties, guaranteeing our confidence in providing lasting complete performance. There is a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery, specialty fabrics and decorative shade fabrics, and a 10-year limited warranty for shade fabrics.


When you choose Sunbrella Contract fabrics, feel good knowing you are using a safe fabric that is ultimately creating less waste because our products last longer. Our rigorous focus on quality and sustainable manufacturing is supported by our skilled technical experts and trained sustainability team who regularly track, monitor and measure the overall efficiency of manufacturing facilities.

Sunbrella Contract is also committed to growing its sustainable manufacturing practices, including landfill-free manufacturing and contributing to LEED certification. Here are our initiatives we currently have in place:

Sunbrella Renaissance

Sunbrella Renaissance yarns combine up to 50% of postindustrial recycled Sunbrella fiber, still retaining our legendary performance standards.

Fabric before and after weavingFabric before and after weaving
Fabric before weavingFabric before weaving

Recycle My Sunbrella

Recycle My Sunbrella is a take-back program providing a unique way for customers and consumers to send their Sunbrella fabrics back to be recycled. The program provides an alternative to disposal for fabric scraps, awning covers, boat covers and upholstery fabric.

Zero waste logo.Zero waste logo.

Goal of Zero Waste to Landfill

All Sunbrella facilities are focused on minimizing waste and recycling as many materials as possible.  Our manufacturing facilities already divert over 90% of waste, and we continue to expand our waste minimization efforts with new goals for 2022.

Wastewater reduction logo.Wastewater reduction logo.

Wastewater Reduction

Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are 100% solution-dyed. Unlike conventional coloring processes, solution-dyeing reduces wastewater.

Solar power logos.Solar power logos.

Solar Power

Glen Raven owns and operates solar arrays at the plants in Anderson, South Carolina and in Norlina, North Carolina. They collectively generate 1.5 megawatts of energy–capable of producing enough energy to power over 150 homes.