Sunbrella Defiance fabric in lobby areaSunbrella Defiance fabric in lobby area

Sunbrella Contract with Defiance®

Delivering Design Innovation for Healthcare Environments

Today’s healthcare settings require design to be patient-centered with high levels of functionality and hygiene. Sunbrella Contract with Defiance® fabrics feature all the design, durability and cleanability of the Sunbrella brand with the addition of an antimicrobial treatment that withstands hospitals, assisted living centers and other healthcare environments. Sunbrella Contract with Defiance fabrics are engineered to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. At the same time, these hospital grade upholstery fabrics feature soft textures and soothing designs that create positive and welcoming spaces for patients, staff and visitors.

Health Product Declarations are available upon request.


Defiance Properties

  • Expanded use of performance fabrics in commercial spaces with strict requirements
  • FDA- and EPA-registered antibacterial agents
  • No ion exchange, even when cleaned with bleach, which translates to no loss of efficacy of the Defiance treatment
  • AATCC 30 and AATCC 100 test approval
  • Easy cleaning with any cleaning agent with a pH < 12
  • Non-leaching: Defiance treatment has no runoff that could have environmental impact

Sunbrella Contract is Complete Performance

  • Easy to Clean

  • Water and Stain Resistant

  • Mold and Mildew Resistant

  • Fade Resistant

  • Color and Design Variety


  • ACT Performance Standards for High Traffic Environments


  • Facts® Silver